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About mod:
1. Barrels (Prefab*)
Barrels are for decoration.

2. Plants for decoration (Prefab*)
Plants are meant to decorate the landscape.

3. Benches (Prefab*)
Benches are used to sit on it.

4. Basketball Hoops (Prefab*)
Is used to throw in a ball

5. Bushes (Prefab*)
Bushes are meant to decorate the landscape.

6. Water hose and drum (Prefab*)
Water hose and drum for decoration of a garden.

7. Hydrants (Prefab*)
Hydrants are used to tap water.

8. Ladders (Prefab*)
Ladders are used to get to higher located objects.

9. Mailbox (Prefab*)
Letters are thrown in here.

10. Trashcan (Prefab*)
Trash can is used to dispose of garbage.

11. Shrooms (Prefab*)
Mushrooms are meant to decorate the landscape.

12. Postbox (Prefab*)
Letters come in a postbox

13. Shelves (Prefab*)
Shelves are used to store things in it.

14. Trash Container (Prefab*)
Dumpsters are used to dispose of garbage.


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