OGF USA Map 2018 v 1.0

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About mod:
- This map contains all the features of the LS 17.
- This map has additional fruits: rye, oats, spelled, etc.
- The chopped straw mod was installed.
- The Fabirc script was also installed.
- Milk trigger to take away the milk itself. The sale takes place at the Koeger market in the city.
- There are 4 farms. 1 The main farm for cows. 2. The BGA 3. The Scheinehof. Here you can produce pig feed. 4. Soutforkranch from the series Dallas, chickens, sheep and horses.
- On the main farm you can make your own seed and your own fertilizer.
- The main courtyard also contains a grain dryer. Here you can dry wheat, gesture and corn.
- The main courtyard also contains a fermenting silo and a feed mixing plant.
- The Stand Coldwater is in reality. Some houses were created on a real model.
- The map does not support the Seasons Mod.
- There are several unloading points.
- The map has different sized fields, 27 pcs.
- There is a placeable area at the main courtyard. Here you can place your own placeble objects. A smaller area can be found on the Soutforkranch.
- Altogether over 350 new houses and objects were installed.
- There are huge forests and of course a small sawmill
- There is an airport, a golf course, there is a non-wheeled train on the map and there are several ways to store fruits.

Frontier, Marhu, Blacksheep, kevink98, Lancyboy, ccs101

4 thoughts on “OGF USA Map 2018 v 1.0

  • IHfarmer says:
    2018-06-29 at 10:18

    tried with mods and without loads about half way through and then crashes to desktop no other maps installed either and downloaded map from three different sources…your mileage may vary

    • adam says:
      2018-06-29 at 18:24

      I susgest you try getting it From Modhoster, as the orginal version will be there and you can garantee its not been fiddled with

      • IHfarmer says:
        2018-06-30 at 02:32

        thx ill try that

  • fabricator says:
    2018-06-29 at 20:50


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