Oklahoma USA 2017 Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- Map is setup for use with choppedStraw, clipDistanceFPS and Seasons Mod highly recommend all
- PDA Map shows all factories/production facilities in green - these do not have to be used if you prefer straight farming map
- Map setup with custom Seasons Mod weather and temps but will be overwritten by any GEO mods that are used
- Hayfields (hayF1/hayF2/hayF3 marked on pda) can be resown without plowing - Courseplay will recognize boundaries by using "detect" function
- Speeding up time beyond 120 can cause problems with fields being properly planted/cultivated by AI - do at your own risk
- All 51 fields feature missions (good luck doing 6 or 13 though)
- Bank of Hagensted mod works allowing for leasing/selling of fields - However, just know that even after selling/lease lapse, Courseplay will still show field as selectable
- Cannot fill water from ponds - water pump houses are located at each farm
- zzz_cropMowing must be in your mods folder to be able to mow Alfalfa and Clover - GreenMowing Mod does not work per my testing and will likely conflict with zzz_cropMowing
- Cotton Gin accepts both cotton bales and loose cotton so you are free to harvest it how you like
- All farm silos only accept cereal grains plus seeds and seeds2 - peanuts, cotton, potatoes, and sugarbeets will have to be stored in piles or sold
- Lime and compost both function as fertilizer - Lime is used in dry fert spreaders/compost in manure spreaders
- Each farm has a level placeables area - size varies by farm with the largest(marked on PDA) at the main farm, an additional area is available SW of Dairy (marked on PDA)
- Starting money is: 5MM on easy, 3.5MM on normal, and 2MM on hard - Extra cash can be found for those willing to make a splash and maybe a fool of themselves in public

- Sugar - input: sugarBeet or sorghum(milo) and water output: sugar pallet
- Brewery - input: wheat, barley, and water output: beer pallet
- CompostMaster2K7 - input: potato/sugarBeet/chaff/silage/grass/hay/woodChips/manure/straw and fuel output: compost(functions like fertilizer)
- Bread - input: flour pallet, water, and sugar pallet output: bread pallet
- Biscuit - input: oat, flour pallet, butter pallet, and sugar pallet output: biscuit pallet
- Soy Plant - input: soybean, water, and fuel output: liquidManure, milk, and pigFood
- Sawmill - input: fuel and logs output: woodChips and pallet
- IceCream - input: milk, cream pallet, and sugar pallet output: iceCream pallet
- Dairy - input: milk output: cream pallet and butter pallet
- Flour - input: Grains(rye/oat/wheat/barley/maize) output: flour pallet
- Lumber - input: straw/wool/woodChips and logs output: board pallet and woodChips
- Lime - input: fuel output: lime(functions like dry fertilizer)
- Refinery - input: rape output: fuel, forage, and digestate
- Tims Tables - input: logs output: table pallet
- Bens Joinery - input: logs output: barrels, cargoBox, and pallet
- Greenhouses - input: water, compost, and manure output: cauliflower/melon/tomato/pumpkin/lettuce pallet


5 thoughts on “Oklahoma USA 2017 Map v 1.0

  • Klei_Mouka says:
    2018-09-02 at 11:26

    This map is good but i have some problems
    1. Game crash when checking original seasons mod in the loading screen
    2. When i look at even 1 pixel of the big silos at the main farm the fps drop from 40-50 that i have in the map to 1-10 please fix that
    i have the clip distance fps

  • Jose says:
    2018-09-02 at 18:48

    i cannot find zzz_cropMowing, please someone provide the link. Thanks.

    • Klei_Mouka says:
      2018-09-02 at 21:38

      when you download this mod you have to unzip it , the crop mowing is inside the file that you download

  • Gary says:
    2018-09-22 at 15:02

    Game freezes randomly! Too bad as this is a great map. I only have this map in mod list and and tried only using minimal mods but still freezes.

  • Michael says:
    2018-10-28 at 03:09


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