Old Timer USA 4X Map v 1.0

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About mod:

– Multifruit some with custum equipment in our categories
– Custom factories and placeables
– Few sale points to start you off and plenty of room to make your farm your own

Cazz64, O.A.G Buck Lonestar

5 thoughts on “Old Timer USA 4X Map v 1.0

  • Jay Talley says:
    2022-05-03 at 21:07

    Where’s the buildings? All of the buildings on the lot are gone.

  • Gacus84 says:
    2022-05-04 at 20:13

    There is something wrong with this map, I can’t take my trailer which I have on other maps and how do I accelerate time then closes the game and pushes you to the desktop

  • Gacus84 says:
    2022-05-04 at 20:15

    it crashes onto the desktop and I can’t use my loading trailer

  • Gacus84 says:
    2022-05-04 at 20:16

    sory for mistakes dictionary gogle translates strangely

  • Gacus84 says:
    2022-05-05 at 15:15

    only on this map it freezes

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