One Russian Region Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- 20 fields (175 hectares), tasks from the owners of fields
- 6 points of harvest, one of them is "Dump". 7 settlements
- 5 warehouses in bulk and 1 grain. 2 silos
- Standard animals: chickens, sheep, cows and pigs
- Triggers for the purchase and transportation of animals
- Standard crops
- Supports fashion seasons


One thought on “One Russian Region Map v 1.0

  • Mike says:
    2018-04-11 at 10:03

    I started a new game and teleported at the vehicle store. I could not move at all as I was blocked by invisible walls, or was teleported inside some static building. I did quit and uninstalled the map. When teleporting is untested, I don’t really want to waste time finding what else is untested. Primitive (at least) testing is a developer’s job and I am fed up seeing it going the other way. Just 1/5 and it is very generous too.

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