Pacific Inlet Logging Map v 13.1

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About mod:
Version 13.1:
* New Areas: Store, Farm, Village
* The Farm requires cleaning out before it can be used properly
* All Animals have been added
* Re-painted all the Terrain except the outlining mountains
* Added new grass foilage to all the Terrain. This grass is considered one giant Field
* Removed all pre-made landings
* Dirt roads can now be created with standard plow & roller combinations
* Added marked trees to have cut borders which are lines shown in red on the PDA
* Main roads are now gravel instead of dirt
* The mill has been reduced in size and McMills sawmill replaced the old one which includes a crane
* Replaced the BGA with a new version and added a bridge to the BGA area
* Replaced the original bridge with a new version and a broken version of the old one below it
* Added three hidden gravel roads which can be discovered via plowing & rolling

FDR Logging Team

2 thoughts on “Pacific Inlet Logging Map v 13.1

  • dacooo says:
    2019-11-03 at 07:46

    vreau modul

    • eren says:
      2021-07-01 at 15:05


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