Pacific Inlet Logging Map v 5.1

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About mod:
Version 5.1:
* Added ramp and water sell point
* Added Biogas plant
* Added pig Mud in certain areas of the road that made sense
* Replaced all default grass so it is mowable
* Replaced bridge
* Expanded wetlands and lowered the terrain slightly in the swamp areas
* Flattened ground on the east side for easier field creation
* Enclosed the roads a little more with smaller trees along the road from the mill to #6 landing
* Thickened forest in some sparse areas
* Fixed all texture file formats for console support
* Fixed water so it looks normal on consoles
* Removed a tipCol which was causing the wood chips to now unload on the ground
* Removed extra tree texture files that were not being used

FDR Logging

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