Pegus Horse Feed Pack v 1.0

FS22 mods

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About mod:

With Pegus Horse Feed you have the security that your horse is optimally supplied with all important nutrients, minerals and vitamins for the chosen performance. To this day, the recipes of the classic feed mixtures are strongly based on the original recipes, allowing the brand to evolve with consistency and tradition.

You can buy the products as follows :

  • 50 kg Bag individually
  • 12 50 kg Bags on Euro Pallet
  • 24 50 kg Bags on Euro Pallet
  • 36 50 kg Bags on Euro Pallet
  • 24 50 kg Bags on Euro Pallet foiled
  • 36 50 kg Bags on Euro Pallet foiled
  • Big Bag 2000 litres on Pallet

The bag can be carried by hand and secured with tension strap.
The pallets can be loaded with adapted driving without problems with front loader, forklift, telescopic loader, e.t.c.
Transport over everything what can load pallets.


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