Perakula Map v 1.0

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About mod:
  • It’s located Map in Europe in the Country Estonia
  • The Landscape is mostly flat, but the Area has a lot of Forest’s and some Fields
  • There is Grass Fields to do a lot of mowing
  • The Main Farm on the Map was built in 1906 and now over the many Years the Village has been developed to be a beautiful Place in Estonia
  • There is over 57000 Trees to cut down
  • 7 Fields
  • 7 Grass Fields
  • 3 Sell Points
  • Animal Dealer
  • Vehicle Shop
  • A Swamp
  • 2 Lakes
  • A lot of Powerlines, so You can clear Trees out of the way
  • Old Forest Areas
  • Long River
  • Old Farm Barn
  • Animal Pasture
  • Power Stations
  • In Winter there is some Decorations around the Map
  • In Winter You can blow the Roads
  • Wildlife
  • Small Main Farm
  • Gravel Roads
  • In Winter You can blow the Roads

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