Pine Cove Farm Map v 1.4 FINAL

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About mod:
Version 1.4 FINAL:

Minor changes and fixes made.
Small fix to tip mask in field 1 which prevented a patch of windrow drop.
Small fix to 3 floating bushes and 1 tree.
Tip mask at the open BGA silo clamps removed. You may have to clean this area up now at the open ends from time to time using a leveller or shovel bucket. Hopefully this will help with course play.
Floating tree fixed on the river bank across from field 16.
Duplicate texture removed to prevent server space character warning.
New foliage channels added.
Map repainted with new foliage.
New fruits added spelt, tritacle, sorghum and millet.
Puddles added around the map.
Animated speed boat with night lighting added.
All fruits show in PDA with prices now.
Boat added.
Vehicle spline edited and cars are more hidden from the bay end.
Greenhouses grouped into Mervils.
Pallet sales for greenhouses condensed.
Midland barn added.
Sale prices adjusted to make the map harder.
Terrain changes and fixes added.
Gold coins adjusted where needed.
New PDA map update.
New grassed meadow owned and defined field created at the rear of the cow zone.
New milk triggers added and sales location changed.
New sales points for Liquid manure, manure, compost, slurry and digestate added.
New vehicle storage added.
New Storage added for water, fertiliser, fuel, liquid manure and seeds throughout the map.
Floating hedge corrected.
Compost master conveyer particles rotated.
Field 4 work angle flipped 90 degrees for AI missions so surface angle matches how the field is worked.
Sales points adjusted for new fruits in the map.
New custom sounds added to the map for daytime nature and night time.
Redundant sounds around the map removed like the waves sounds in fields, sawmill sounds at Jeebs and tunnel sounds.
Compost master adjusted for better access.
Gate adjusted into the meadow for better access.
All seed master auger chutes raised for better vehicle access.
Farm yard seed master access improved.
Extra detailing around the map.
Sales points adjusted slightly where needed to provide a cleaner PDA map.
Underwater foliage and detailing added around the map.
Storage capacity increased on certain items.
New Signs and textures added where needed.
Pig Manure Heap Fixed.
Seed and Fertilizer supply at the Midland Barn Added, this cost's you money.
New lighting added where needed.
Field 5 size adjusted.
Look out tower size increased for better access.
Barn sizes adjusted for better vehicle access.
New water driven flour mill.
New working tree nursery.
Water usage reduced on the greenhouses.
Overloading pipe added to the greenhouse water tanks.
Field 6 2 floating trees fixed.
Chopped straw updated to the latest and chopped straw added for all multifruits.
Multifruit foliage and distance textures matched.
All Multifruit Foiliage textures adjusted.
Shovel targets added to sell heaps, compost plant heap, seeds and fertilizer store input triggers, Bio Pro fertilizer, the separators heaps and the Fermenting Silo fill trigger.
Pig food mixer output raised to prevent most tall vehicle hitting it.
Small silage clamp added to the cow area.
Straw Barns width increased for better access.
Tomato Greenhouse placeable added to the farm yard.
Access improved on the cow feed mixer.
Access improved in the BGA exit.
Storage added in the BGA for diesel, liquid fertilizer and fertilizer.
Maple trees added with new darker texture.
More trees added to the natural forestry areas.
Forestry area tested fine with the Damcon tree planter.
Distance tree boundary boards added.
Preview Image Updated.
Adjusted starting vehicles.
Cow Navmesh adjusted.
Cow troughs adjusted.
Gates added to the top end of the cow zone.
Field 2 added to owned at game start up.


6 thoughts on “Pine Cove Farm Map v 1.4 FINAL

  • John says:
    2017-03-15 at 18:14

    Hi Stevie
    Have had the update for a few days now fantastic map ,I have collected 99 nuggets but have spent 1and a half hours trying to locate the final one but can’t seem to find it again great work many thanks
    Jake Gibson

  • Серега says:
    2017-03-15 at 22:54

    Право карта класс!

  • Jan says:
    2017-03-16 at 09:39


  • Серега says:
    2017-03-16 at 11:35

    Stevie Почему у меня текстуры луж и компоста черные???Версия игры 1.4.4

  • Robert says:
    2017-03-30 at 12:54

    This version 1.4 final, for some reason it locks up.

  • Gray says:
    2017-11-17 at 15:40

    hi Stevie are you putting sugarcane on the map and how to get the grapes going

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