Placeable Animal Food Pack v

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About mod:
This Placeable Animal Food Pack contains 9 different Buildings that are needed for the production of Food. The mod also adds a mixed Feed Big Pack and 4 new Fill Types

Mixed Feed Big Pack:
- Capacity 1000 liters
- Price 250 €

Turnip Shredder:
- Chops Sugarbeets into beet pulp, consumes diesel for this and produces compost as a waste Product
- Processes 25000 l per hour, stores 250000 l beet pulp
- Price 25000 €

Hay Dryer:
- Dries grass to hay, consumes diesel.
- Processed 10000 l per hour, stores 1000000 l hay
- Price 50000 €

Silage Fermenter:
- Ferments grass and/or chaff to silage, consumes diesel
- Processed 25000 l per hour, stores 2500000 l silage
- Price 50000 €

Straw Chopper:
- Processes straw into chaff, consumes diesel
- Processes 10000 l per hour, stores 2000000 l chaff.
- Price 50000 €

Feed Mixer:
- Mixes straw, hay and silage to mixed fodder, consumes diesel
- Processes 10000 l per hour, stores 5000000 l mixed fodder
- Price 100000 €

Compound Feed Store:
- Stores compound feed as bulk material, can be stored as bulk material or pallets
- Stores 120000 l compound feed
- Price 25000 €

Grain Grinder:
- Crushes any kind of grain to cereal meal, uses diesel for this
- Processes 25000 l per hour, stores 1000000 l grain meal
- Price 25000 €

Potato Digester:
- Washes and boils potatoes, uses diesel and water
- Processes 10000 l per hour, stores 1000000 l cooked potatoes
- Price 25000 €

Pig Feed Mixer:
- Mixes pig feed from 2 different varieties:
[Comfort feed > boiled potato, rape or sunflower seeds and corn]
[Fattening feed > grain meal, soy beans and beet pulp]
- Processes 25000 l per hour, stores 5000000 l pig feed
- Price 100000 €

* Season Mask Set
* Clear Areas improved
* Lamps added
* Hotspots Set
* Marker Set
* Light made switchable
* Warning Stripes made fade out
* Trigger Markers made fade out
* Display error fixed
* Fill Planes at the Straw Chopper are now moving
* Display for Diesel in GUI at the Mixer has been corrected
* Building moved to New Category (AgraZ)


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