Placeable Shelf Storages Pack v

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About mod:
3 Placeable Shelf Storages:

Farm Products (Dry):
- Storage for 48 Seed, 48 Lime and 48 Fertilizer Pallets or Big Bags

Farm Products (Liquid):
- Storage for 32 Liquid Fertilizer and 32 Liquid Herbicide Tanks

Animal Feed Shelf:
- Storage for 48 Chicken Food, 48 Horse Food and 48 Pig Food Pallets or Big Bags

Price 6000 €

Pallets can be respawned on demand by using the built in menu interface.
Modified Pallet Capacities will be accepted and respawned in the same order as they are delivered.
Note: To allow close placement to Buildings the shelves do not level the ground.

* Fixed Pallet Spawning bug (ObjectStorage.lua)
* Fixed incorrect Display of UI warning text (ObjectStorageGui.lua)


One thought on “Placeable Shelf Storages Pack v

  • Topolino Topo says:
    2020-02-04 at 07:32

    tutto ok

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