Placeable Whiskey Factory v 1.0

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About mod:
To produce whiskey you need barrel sugarBeet and water.

Giants, TheSnake

5 thoughts on “Placeable Whiskey Factory v 1.0

  • Alex says:
    2017-12-03 at 17:33

    Hi m8 just to say whiskey say made from barley
    (malting barley)

    • Alex says:
      2017-12-03 at 17:35

      Or thats what I in scotland where i live

      • ttige says:
        2017-12-04 at 14:09

        Yeah, as a finn I thought the same bit confusing that this factory needs sugarbeet, sounds more like moonshine xD

  • Joe says:
    2017-12-07 at 14:12

    Geez! Do your homework. Whiskey is made by mixing CORN, sugar and water.

    • rrrr says:
      2018-01-14 at 15:24

      And DO YOUR HOMEWORK Whiskey is made by various crops depending on the location you live and the sort of Whiskey they are going for, As their is BArely whiskey Wheat Whiskey etc etc.

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