Plaines de France Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- 5 Farm Buildings
- 137 Fields (at the time of purchase this is the entire domain and not a field)
- Curable manure (cows and pigs)
- New soil Texture in the Fields
- New Texture of barley and silage (On the ground the textures remain those of origin)
- If you want the same Textures on the ground you will have to integrate them at the root of your game
- Fully redesigned particle system
- NH Store
- 11 points of sale
- 10 points of sale to private customers (in front of garage/sand gravel ant ground only)
- 3 glass waste (to sell to biomass)
- 1 quarry (stone gravel extraction and supply of asphalt)
- Many water points (soil and gravel extraction)
- Possibility of sand extraction in the river
- Curable Ditches
- 2 construction site TP (trenches to be closed)
- Multiple forests
- Removable mouth/hedges and ploughable nettles (to connect fields)
- Storm flash (based on night cycle so also visible at night, "think of it as heat flashes")
- Building land (one of which must be cleaned before placing a building)
- Unclear terrain (possibility of trenches)
- Multiangle of land (64)
- More real animal cost
- Illumination in town (church, laposte, vet)
- New service stations
- Selling point lighting
- New vehicles in traffic (if you stop the police/ambulances they will let you know)
- Cows stabul/fields
- Military base (no entry / intrusion alarm)
- Solar panel fields

Team UJF

One thought on “Plaines de France Map v 1.0

  • Bandit36FR says:
    2018-08-06 at 10:50

    Hi, I posted a map yesterday on your site. I provided 1 download link. Off your site, this is not my download link… I request that the current link be replaced by mine please. Thank you.


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