Podravina Map v 1.0

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About mod:

– Agricultural Crops on the Standard Map added Oats and Rye
– A large Orchard: Plums, Pears, Cherries, Apples
– One large Forest
– The Map has Mud
– The Map has a given Chopped Straw that works on both oats and rye
– 25 small Fields (7 of which are Your Fields)
– All your Fields that are sown are fertilized
– 32 Products You can sell
– 10 Points of Sale on the Map so you can sell Your Products
– You sell cow’s and goat’s milk exclusively by transporting the tank to points of sale that give a better price
– You can buy water or Well it for free
– Animal Types: Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Chickens


4 thoughts on “Podravina Map v 1.0

  • Cristian Popa says:
    2020-05-11 at 18:31

    I can’t believe that someone is making a fs17 map in 2020, CONGRATS!!

    • Laer says:
      2021-01-14 at 21:16

      а что такого интересного в фс 19?

  • kuba says:
    2020-06-05 at 10:38

    i like modes fs 17

  • erkunt says:
    2022-03-09 at 08:54

    abi simsiyah ekran

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