Porta Westfalica Map v 2.5

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About mod:
Version 2.5

Fruit Types:
* Asparagus incorporated as a new fruit, added to the crop

* Malt production: (wheat or barley and water and chips = malt out)
* Beer production (hops and malt and water out = beer out)
* Yoghurt production (cherries and plums and sugar and milk = yoghurt out)
* Schnapps production (wheat or rye and potato and water and chips = schnapps out)
* MilkMax (Milk out and Milk out)
* Potato washer (potatoes and water and diesel = washed potatoes and compost out)
* The washed potatoes can be tied to the big conveyor with the trailer and compost on the small conveyor be removed with the shovel.

New Fill Types:
* Yogurt, brandy, UHT milk, malt, beer and washed potatoes. Liquor, H-milk, beer and yogurt can be added with the included tankers be transported. At the rear of the MKS 8 a coupling is removed, so that you can hang several behind the other.

* For all new fruit and filling types the bearings are extended; the farm filling station also serves as
* Bearings up to 56000 l. The central warehouse for the products (opposite the dealer) expands for the new products.

* More minor bugs fixed.


One thought on “Porta Westfalica Map v 2.5

  • Usepe88 says:
    2019-07-19 at 17:19

    Good work. i love this map. wil lbe nice if u add a forest area aswell with trees. But good job so far !!!

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