Here’s your first look at how modding will work in Pure Farming 2018 on PC.

Get creative with your preferred 3D software and add your own tractors, harvesters, trailers, trucks and more to the game.

Look out for more updates on our plans for modding tools after launch.

Click here to see video: https://www.facebook.com/PureFarmingGame/videos/2060726160870596/

Some facts about Pure Farming mods and game:
– PC players will make mods with special tools themselves.
– XBox players will not create mods, but best mods will be added as free DLC.
– Multiplayer will be released after game release.
– The modding tool will not be compatible with map modding.
– Worker AI is one of the areas we’ll be focusing on a lot right up to release, to make them even more reliable and helpful to players. Also something you won’t have seen in the previews is that you can have up to 5 workers at the same time on the Montana map, which is a big help as you gain more and more fields.
– Creators plan is to support the game for a long time, so there will be new locations, machines and farming activities. Look out for more specific news just after launch.
– You can speed up the game crop by up to x15. Crop withering isn’t something you can turn off, because we want to retain as much realism as possible.
– Cultivating and fertilizing fields will give you a higher yield. It also depends on field class, so a lower class of field will need more fertlizing to get a good result. You can either use your animals’ manure or you can buy fertlizer.
– Vehicle handling and camera control have been big areas of focus for us since we sent out the preview build. They have been tweaked and we’ll keep working on them right up to release.

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