Rathlin Island Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- 2 Farms
- 26 Fields
- Multiple sell points
- Livestock Yard
- Traffic Spline
- Pedestrian Splines
- Animal Splines
- Many animations
- Switchable lighting
- Street lighting
- Ferry
- Large Placeable Area
- Gold Nuggets
- Chopped Straw
- Seasons Mod ready


2 thoughts on “Rathlin Island Map v 1.0

  • Mike says:
    2018-02-26 at 14:28

    Good but… Fail. The map is beautiful and definitely the result of hard work. “Fail” because of the game-play. Half of your time is spent in the ferry or walking here and there. God help you if you have your tractor stuck needing reset. You may have to walk the whole map just to get into it and drive it back. Sometimes you can be stuck at the ferry, unable to exit the cabin because your vehicle is parked near, having to rest it, walk there, drive it back etc. etc… Unless you can remain calm in a screaming kids party, trying to write a serious document, with a fly sitting on your nose, stay away from this map…

  • Nikos says:
    2018-05-01 at 11:37

    My problem with this map is that, playing with Seasons, there are days when you do not have things to do on the island. I like the slow production pace and the sense of isolation but I would like more options on the island. For example:

    – Chickens in the farm to be treated like other animals. I mean able to buy and sell (there are even the right mods out there if you want to transport them), give them feed, water and straw to breed, thus produce even more eggs. I know there is “Enhanced Chickens” but it does not look good in this map.

    – Some short of small dairy in the farm. Since we deal with cows, it is not unrealistic to produce our own butter or cheese and then sell them across the mainland.

    – Possibility to have new acquired machines, even pallets with food, etc. delivered at the farm, or the island harbor, with some extra cost.

    – Something with fishing or just fishes maybe, since we are talking about an island.

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