Ravensberg Map v 1.2

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About mod:
Version 1.2:
* Fixed clip distance of walls at farm 1
* Fixed driveway to farm 1 across from field 4
* Reduced filling speed of the gas stations
* Fixed floating objects
* Fixed name of woodchip waggon
* Enlarged bale trigger at the BGP
* Added small food silo as placeable object
* Added small combined silo (seeds, fertilizer, lime) als placeable object
* The liquid storage now also stores water
* Recreated some store icons
* Changed airplane sound
* Added sound to hot air balloons
* Added acre (cultivated) as paintable ground texture
* New dawn and dusk lighting
* Brightness of farmhouse lighting reduced
* Removed invisible colli at the northern wood dealer
* Fixed transport missions and pallets
* Fixed different brightness values in the PDA
* Removed forklift truck from start configuration, can now be bought for 0 € with color choice
* Revised various fruit texture (e.g. grass, field grass, alfalfa, clover)
* Adjusted prices for biogas plant and horse stable farmland
* Doubled capacity of external silos
* Removed collision of the external silo pipes
* Revised ambient sounds
* Added Holmer TerraDos T4-40 and Ropa Tiger 6 as carrot and onion harvesters (category misc)
* Replaced existing Grimme carrot and onion harvesters with Grimme Rootster and FT-30
* Moved animal trigger from cowshed
* Added weighing scales at the harbour
* Woodchips can now be sold at the harbour
* Added a chicken coop as placeable object
* Removed collision of traffic signs
* Added a workshop as placeable object
* Activated more grass missions
* Revised background image
* Fixed various minor bugs

PC Exclusive:
* Activated fruit destruction 2.0 (PC only)
* Fixed LOD settings of the fruits (PC only)
* FillTypes 'farmsilo' and 'hayloft' adapted for clover and alfalfa (PC only)
* Fixed wrong max amount of cows on PC (PC only)
* Miscanthus can now also be sold (PC only)
* Fixed chopper and smoke particle effect of triticale (PC only)
* Fixed smoke particle effect of miscanthus (PC only)
* Fixed Seasons settings for field grass and clover (PC only)
* Adapted textures of spelt, triticale, rye (PC only)

Consoles Exclusive:
* Adapted title in the map selection (consoles only)
* Fixed fuel selling station (consoles only)
* Produced seeds can now also be sold (consoles only)
* Added carrots and onions as new fruit and as animal food (consoles only)
* Added clover and alfalfa as grass alternative with 30% higher yield (consoles only)
* Changed swad of field grass when harvesting from grass to hay (consoles only)

The following changes require a New Savegame:
* Created map version without Maize Plus / Forage and Horse Extension (only PC: only with new savegame)
* Some minor fixes of soil and vegetation (only with new Savegame)
* Rail silo in Langenheide can be purchased separately (only with new Savegame)
* Added selling point supermarket Langenheide (only with new Savegame)
* Meadows now have set the plowed flag (only a bug on PC: only with new Savegame)
* Adjusted filling area of the biogas silo so that the silage no longer protrudes (only with a new Savegame or replacing the BGP)
* Added chicken coop to the farm (only witth a new Savegame)


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