Ricciville Map v 1.2

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About mod:
Version 1.2:
* You can now paint grass
* Fixed broken sales trigger at Bobs rail sales
* Rebuilt all nine bridges to allow long low boy trailers up and over
* Removed floating objects
* Added some rolling hills to flat fields
* Crops no longer grow under the power polls in fields 35 and 37
* Fixed map sounds
* Home farm silo dump trigger adjusted
* Added a second entrance/exit point at jeans wood products
* Now have signs at the sell points
* Two sell points now accept compost
* Added harbor patrol boats in the river and a freight barge in the ocean
* Many cosmetic changes
* Added field 3 to lands owned
* Added a harvester to the starting fleet
* Added crop in the two starting fields
* Added bouys in the water for barge unload point at petes and johnnys port sales
* Increased the water fill rate at the fill triggers, now fill faster
* Increased the fill rate at all silos, now fill faster
* Added more lighting at sell points for night drop off
* Slowed trains from 100 mp/h to 75 mp/h
* Removed one building at the south BGA to allow room for you to add placeables or garage storage
* Slowed the AI traffic a bit and they now stop and do not plow into you
* Reduced the map file size

MrSpecies7, Millerinc2017, Hillbilly359, Lambo mods

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