Rostselmash Don 1500 v 1.2

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Rostselmash Don 1500 v 1.2

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About mod:

– Power 220 hp
– Color selection
– The choice of the year of manufacture (they have visual differences among themselves)
– Choice of cladding
– Choice of a complete set (kopnitel, grinder)
– Choice of serial number
– The choice of rubber bands on the handrails (no / yes)
– The choice of air conditioning
– Selecting a heater (no / yes)
– Choice of beacon
– Choice of wheels
– Number plates
– Included Headers and Header Trailer

Version 1.2:
* Added a working stacker
* Makes large square bales with a volume of 8000 liters
* Added a working chopper PKN 1500
* Throws straw into the trailer
* Added version of the export harvester
* In addition to the design, the unloading auger is longer, that is, as on version “B”, and its own straw chopper
* Added pickup platform
* Picks up swaths of straw
* Added trolley for harvesters, stops all headers included in the kit
* Little things animated in the cockpit
* Fixed a problem with a collision in the back of the harvester, when something clung and rested behind
* Fixed the work of the combine with the courseplay mod
* At least what people have been complaining about has been fixed
* Fixed problems with the movement of equipment in transport or working condition, namely when it was barely driving
* Minor changes in the headers of the ZhU according to the configurations in the store
* Replaced the janitor


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