Sambreville Extended Map v 2.0

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About mod:
Version 2.0:
* Added Ferry
* Added Fishing Boat
* Added Fishing System
* Careers of lime, gravel, buyable sand and indispensable for certain factories (as more possible to buy gravel and sand at the coop)
* Beer Bottle Factory
* Beer Factory
* Fabric Factory
* Greenhouses of vegetables and fruit
* Butter and Cheese Factory
* New Village
* Addition of fields with fallow system (Purchasable in a sales agency)
* New system for purchaseable animal water
* Some small public works site (construction of bridges, cleaning of the canal, possibility with the earth at home constructing to fill the hole of the pipes)
* Modification of the silo system (there is more than one for all farms and it is for cows)
* Wood chipper
* New gas storage system