Sandy Bay Map 19 v 1.1

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About mod:
Version 1.1:
* Added waves on the Sea at the Sea Front
* New Fruit cuttable hedges these can be planted to make field boundaries or ploughed to be removed. can also be painted in the in game tool
* 4 new fruits added: onions, carrots, clover, Field Grass (Harvesters and Balers are all included in Map)
* Density Heights increase
* Increased MTA to 32 Angles
* You now have to muck out sheep and put bedding down at Sandy Bay Farm
* Map now supports the Manure Mod
* Alfalfa now ferments and regrows in Seasons
* Fixed Trees by Field 36
* Hole in Shed at Main Farm fixed
* Tweaked Grain Dump Point at Sandy Bay Farm
* Pit at Pig Farm Ground fixed
* Texture on Andys Autos fixed
* Chickens and Combine Textures fixed
* Fixed Horses Crash
* Fixed Slight Texture at Beef Farm clipping by old Building
* Fixed Pig Manure Spawn Point
* Fixed Pier
* Fixed Watered Plane in Winter
* Fixed Animal Transports (Cows)
* Added Rye to Both Silos Storage
* Telegraph Pole Clip Distances fixed
* Fixed Car at Train Station on Transport
* Fixed Chickens Cleaniess
* Added Concrete to Landscaping Tool
* Loads of Tweaks Across the Map
* Tweaked Sandy Bay Silage Bunkers


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