Savonmaa Map v

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About mod:

– 13 fields
– Thousands of trees
– Buyable sawmill and grain mill
– Selling points for almost all of the products
– Vehicle shop and animal dealer
– Free slurry and manure
– Contracts
– Realistic scandinavian weather
– Custom crop calendar and finnish license plates for player’s vehicles

* A little longer daytime during the winter and autumn. Should be close to real now
* Traffic redone. Car colors changed and they drive slower
* Woodchip storage at the custom sawmill works as intended (woodchip hill goes up and down)
* Meadows and weeds changed to look more like in Finland
* Added more trees and bushes, some other changes on foliage
* The mainroad stays clear of snow now
* Changed rocks and logs that didn’t have snowmap, fixes on terrain snowmap
* New roads in the forests
* New reflector posts (prefab)
* Added some more decorative objects
* New PDA

Agame78, finfarmingsim, MrMazzony

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