Saxonia Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- The following additional fruits are available: Carrots, onions, cabbage, hops, tobacco, spelled, millet, poppy, rye, the cultivation of sugarcane and cotton is possible
- Fields there are 57 in number, the smallest is about 2 ha, the largest at about 98 ha
- All old objects (exception sawmill) can be found in the old place again. Much has been added, some objects / buildings have been replaced by current ones
- At the topography of the map nothing was changed
- There are again 5 active train routes, these serve one or the other unloading point. The 5th train is as usual the collector. He removes all external stores and brings the harvest to the yard
- There are 3 separate silos on the farm, the general farm silo, the stockpile farm and the feed store (straw storage). All bearings can be operated with the collector. A loading of the train in the yard is not provided
- Furthermore, you will find warehouses for liquid and solid fertilizers, seeds, lime and pesticides on the farm
- Directly in the yard are the stables for cows, pigs and the poultry, the sheep can be found in a northerly direction in the immediate vicinity of the farm. The horse stable is located next to the hotel "Steigenberger"
- In order to be able to use all yard silos and also all stables in the yard
- There are several empty industrial areas for placing your own mods
- There are 4 outposts where you can temporarily store your harvest until the collector brings them to the yard. At all external warehouses there are further storage rooms for seeds, solid fertilizer and lime. In addition, there are refillable gas stations

Currently there are 14 usable productions. These would be:
- Grass drying
- Refinery
- Mill
- Fermenter
- Fertilizer production
- Seed production
- Lime production
- Production of liquid fertilizers and herbicides
- Malting
- Brewery
- Compound feed production
- Pig feed production
- Sugar factory
- Blue poppy production

FalPos - LS Mapping Team

One thought on “Saxonia Map v 1.0

  • Guilhome says:
    2019-06-26 at 09:30


    I liked your map, but I have a question, why are there barriers to some unloading points?
    Is it just under development?
    Thank you in advance!

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