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About mod:
Version 1.3.1:
* Calendar was inconsistent after reloading the game
* Compaction of chaff is still possible after driving in snow now
* Days until repair was not correct in the vehicle in-game screen after changing season length
* Fix possible MP sync issues (only showed up with a dedicated server)
* Prevent multi materials nodes garbage collection
* Repair is now always possible even for old, used vehicles
* Skipping night now takes less long to finish when going through a transition
* Some equipment got very large upkeep costs
* Support straw harvest early placeables
* Tedder will turn grass to hay in wet crop conditions if crop moisture is turned off
* Text color of germination temperature is now correct even with mouse over
* Unit change of temperature now updates calendar correctly
* Weekday of the forecast now aligns with the finances page
* When having no animals, the health is not influenced anymore
* Growth now allows more complex GEO mods
* Improved reliability of Skip Night
* Improved texts and information
* No maintenance costs for equipment that has no dailyUpkeep
* No overtime pay in weekends
* Repair cost is capped at 10% of original price
* Vehicle GUI shows daily tax for vehicles and tax + repair for other equipment
* Vehicle upkeep in the game menu is now only red when maintenance is required
* You can now spread manure when soil is frozen

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