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About mod:
Version 1.3:
* Now available on console (Xbox and PS4) as well.
* NPCs now use the crop calendar for their planting and missions.
* Repairing is now done in the configure / sell dialog. You can only sell when the vehicle is repaired or when it is totalled.
* Walking and driving in snow produces sound.
* Added missing Brazilian translations.
* Daylight saving time has been fixed for the southern hemisphere.
* With local multiplayer, the settings are now shown correctly.
* Animals sell for less when their health is below 80%, but for more when above 80%.
* Initial growth reset and snow is done during the loading of the game, not after starting.
* Show warning when trying to drive with a turned off engine.
* Straw and hay heaps only rot when it rains now, not during a transition change.
* The animals overview now shows ‘Health’ instead of ‘Productivity’ to better reflect its meaning.
* The calendar is now better accessible with scrolling and selections.
* Vast performance improvements on snow, growth and rotting.

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