Shamrock Valley 19 Map v 1.1

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About mod:
- Map is set in Ireland
- Full Seasons support with many Extra Features
- New Grass Textures, Cut Grass Texture and distance etc
- Custom Ground Textures
- Custom Wheat, Barley Textures auther Forgotten Fruits
- 38 Fields from small to medium
- 3 Sell Points, BGA, Sawmill and other places
- Dof Graphics has been removed to improve fps and distance blurryness. seasons

Version 1.1:
* Fixed Lighthouse Light issue in the evening
* Fixed shimmering Cut Grass Texture in Seasons
* Fixed a Couple of FillPlanes Floating in Sky
* Optimised the Map further 570 MB now
* Fixed Lamp Posts at Night
* Fixed Floating Grave Stones
* Fixed Waterfall error in log
* Boat Camera fixed
* Traffic can now be turned off and tweaked issues
* Totally new Lighting Engine More dramtic dawn and dusk lighting better clouds and more vibrant colours
* Lots of animated Objects to bring the Map to life tractors in traffic boats planes etc
* Driveable boat around the bay


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