Sherwood Park Farm Map 2017 by Stevie

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About mod:
- 30 unplanted fields
- Manual gates
- Single farm
- Custom models and textures
- Chopped straw
- Installed mods
- Full custom PDA
- Multifruit oat and rye
- Bio Pro and separator installed at the BGA and more
- Large natural forestry and shaped fields from beginner to advanced
- The map has no missions and never will


2 thoughts on “Sherwood Park Farm Map 2017 by Stevie

  • Valera says:
    2017-02-16 at 16:59


  • Nick Nilsson says:
    2017-09-03 at 17:35

    Stevie your maps and mods rocks!

    I have a idea for a new mod, maybe something for your future farms…

    I did not tell here what it is send a mail to me so shall i+explane for you what it is…


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