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About mod:

The well known SimpleIC, easy interactive Control, Mod is back. With the first Release in FS22 something has changed in a big way. There are now different modes of interacting with the TriggerPoints, those modes can be set in the Ingame Settins Menu of FS under “SimpleIC”. You can not only chose how the triggerPoints are displayed (always, never, only when hovered) you can also change whether you want to click on the triggerPoints or active them by hovering over them. The hover timer Method is mainly made for hands free use with Headtracking.
All the additional features like Attacher Control are deactivated for the first FS22 version, only animations and the implement balls are active for now.

How to add this to my Mod:
– There is an examples.xml explaining all the current possible XML entrys and what they do. If you’re not brandnew to modding this should be enough to get going.

* Fixed issue when saving simpleIC_animations.lua (81) [issue #4]

modelleicher (Farming Agency)

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