Skrzyszow Map v 1.1

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About mod:
- 66 Fields and many Meadows
- 86 Farmlands
- New Lighting
- MP support with Multiple Farms to Start
- Altered Soil Texture
- New Textures for Hay and Straw Bales
- 5 Playable Farms (Cows, Pigs, Chickens, Sheep, Horses)
- 3 Plots for the Construction of Own Farms
- Varied Terrain
- Many Forests
- Ambient Sounds
- 7 New Crops: Alfalfa, Clover, Field Grass, Rye, Triticale, Carrots and Onions
- Pleasant Climate
- Seasons ready
- MaizePlus ready (recommended for an improved Animal Feeding System)

Version 1.1:
* Optimization
* Changed Conifer Textures
* Missing Crop Prices at Collection Points have been added
* Improved Crop Prices
* NPC Names changed (to Polish)
* Farmlands Price changed
* Changed Number of Machines and Farmlands at the Start of the Game
* New Fields and Farmlands
* Reworked Lighting
* 2 New Crops: Rye and Triticale
* New Type of Texture Painting (Pavement and Bushes)
* 5 created Farms per MP and assigned Buildings have been added, which will facilitate the Multiplayer Game


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