South Brazilian Map v 1.0

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About mod:
- 3 Grain Sales
- Sale of Bales, Wool and Cotton
- Sale of Milk and Eggs
- Sells Wood and Woodchips
- Sugarcane Plant
- Account with BGA
- There is a Mining Company where You can get Your Limestone
- Traffic and Pedestrian System
- A small Town and a Humble and United Population
- Many Fields for sale, open Spaces and Forest Areas where You can open Fields
- 3 more Cultures than the Original Game. Black Beans, Rice and Sorghum. With Sorghum You can make Silage or Grain Spoon
- For Rice, we include Areas for Rice Fields for cultivation of simulated Rice
- Rice Fields contain Triggers to fill and empty them with Water
- At Headquarters it has a Shed, House, Farm Silo, Corral for Cows, Area for Pigs, Area for Sheep and their Hens are free at the Headquarters
- A New Tree has been added to the Map, Araucaria, a Tree that we see a lot in Southern Brazil

Erik Isac - Agro Mods

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