Spectacle Island Map v 1.1

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About mod:
Version 1.1:
* Fishing boat modified to a grain boat to carry grains to various sell points
* Log barge modified to a ferry with ramps
* Ferry tension belts increased from 4 to 12
* Added tension belts to the log crane
* Added the ability to hide field hedges and fences and or just remove collisions
* Added a boat fuel point at the sawmill
* Added wood chips sell point for use with the grain boat
* Added a sell point to the straw barn for use of selling by boats
* Added another boat unloading station
* Added animal gate access to the sheep pen
* Added a secondary animal gate to the pig pen for better access
* Added water fill trigger at Spector estate water fountain
* Added collision to the bridge gaps on path to main farm to prevent getting stuck
* Changed ferry ports for better access to and from the ferry
* Main farm silo can now store wood chips, pig food, seeds, lime and fertilizer
* Lowered cargo ship horn volume by 50 percent
* Various props added and optimizations


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