Steyr 8080 8090 SK2 v 1.0

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About mod:
Since it already gives the 8070a SK2 and the 8090a Turbo SK2, we thought we would still make a Steyr 8080a Turbo SK2, based on the 8090a Turbo SK2 only with less / other functions.

- Gearbox Add on expanded (gives a seperates to the DL, is linked in the description)
- 3 Modorupgrades for STEYR 8080 (BJ 87 without Dachscheinis, BJ 89, BJ 91 low noise version) different engine hood inscriptions and tachos
- As bonus two 8090 SK2 have been added
- Two engine upgrades (BJ 88, BJ 90 low noise version) different engine hood inscriptions and optics or tachos
- Added a sound from the Steyr 8070
- Others

MB3D Modelling, STEYR Modding Team, rs123456

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