Sudharz Map v 1.2

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About mod:
Version 1.2:
* Selection of the Starting Vehicles for the New Game Status: Normal, Grassland, Forest, all Areas Owned. The Meadow Tools and Forest Vehicles are only available at the "New Farmer" Level
* Updated Spruce Death
* Forests in some places (e.g. around Petersdorf) completely New and recreated in a very Original way, especially where there are Spruce Trees
* Fruit Trees Collision improved (only Trunk Colli), no more getting stuck
* Some 2D Bushes exchanged for 3D ones
* Some Textures New (Dirt Roads, Roads, Ballroom)
* Power Lines embellished
* Digestate can now be pumped out to the BGA
* Manure System (Hoses) possible for Cowsheds, Pigsties and Digestate Containers
* Clover and Alfalfa added, for the use of MaizePlus, ForageExtension
* Pig Stable: Dung Pile corrected, Feed swapped with Water trough for better feeding
* Horses and Chickens can be bought at the Cattle Dealer (Chickens only with a Mod Trailer)
* Fountain added to better care for the Animals in Steigerthal and Petersdorf
* Horses now also produce Manure
* Cardboard Factory Woodchip Storage works now
* Weather Data adapted to Location
* Sleep Function and Farmhouse added
* Frog Fences visible again in Spring
* Information Signs added
* Many other Minor improvements


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