Sudhemmern Map v 12.0 Private Edition

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About mod:
Version 12.0 Private Edition:
* Egg farm built to produce egg pallets
* Egg pallets built in
* Paper factory installed for the production of paper pallets, selling point for paper pallets installed on the court court
* Cigarette factory, which needs paper pallets from the paper factory
* In addition to the three animal merchants where animals can be bought, separate sales outlets are now set up
* Sale of pigs at the butcher in southern hemis, sale of cow at the butcher in Hille, sale of sheep at the farmers in Hartum
* Animated animals are now installed at the merchants
* The filling quantities of all productions were revised and widely uniform: supplemented by industrial advertisements and stock displays
* Compound feed production from grass to hay
* A gravel drying is installed, where hay is produced from grass
* The horse farm has been completely remodeled, there are now animated animals, there is a new cowshed on the farm, a new pig farm, the dung and manure unit in the cows and the pigs' minting unit has been completely replaced by new ones
* Some other minor conversions have been made on the farm
* The unloading point at the main line now has animated flaps (more animal and human splines)
* The map has to be played with and without Seasons Mod, the Snowmask is hidden
* For the Seasons Mod the seed and harvest times are revised and are displayed correctly for all fruits
* The church clocks are animated and display the ingame time
* The signposting has been completed


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