Sussex Farm Map v 2.0

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About mod:
- 3 Farms
- All Animals
- 36 Fields
- 7 Placeable Areas
- 5 Grass Areas
- Field Missions
- Forestry
- Gold Nuggets

Version 2.0:
* Complete map overhaul
* Updated for consoles
* Added seasons
* Added Sugarcane
* Added sell points opening hours (most are 6 till 9)
* Added Manure buy point at Live Stock Market
* Added ability to turn off Air-Traffic (Jumbo-Jet) at the airfield watchtower
* Lowered Field prices
* Lowered/Changed some clipping distances
* Deleted/Replaced some objects due to minor lag issues
* Various other fixes


3 thoughts on “Sussex Farm Map v 2.0

  • Mike says:
    2018-04-11 at 10:15

    – All animals are located at the main farm.
    – The farm silo can store everything and I mean “everything”.
    – The map is very well designed and looks beautiful.
    – Large logging areas.
    – Many areas (marked as “P” areas) reserved for large mod buildings. Smaller ones can also be placed almost anywhere.
    – Everything seems to work just fine.

    – Quite exaggerated collisions at the roads edge. A small bush branch can stop a 300hp tractor.
    – The reset point is at a scrap yard and not at the main farm where it would have more meaning to use it as a feature.

    Either Pros or Cons (depending what you like):
    – The fields are rectangular with adequate space around them for large machinery to maneuver. This makes them easier to work and helpers would have no issues at all on every field. On the other hand some people may be missing the challenge.

    I think it is a very good map with opportunity to be even better. If you want a modern farming scenario of western European style but not too… German 🙂 it is a very good choice. I give 4/5.

  • Norman says:
    2018-05-01 at 14:13

    I understand the map maker wanted a map with helper-friendly fields but that squarish? This is highly unrealistic and also annoying if you consider the perfect rectangular “roads” spaces around fields. I tried the map but seeing that I cannot play. Sorry…

  • Verrier Philippe says:
    2018-07-05 at 14:18

    bonjour je recherche une map donc que mon peu joué aussi bien avec les machines acrigole et avec les navierre ou les bateaux de péche et autre cas comme sa ,veuillez donc si c’est possible et envoie une ou deux map d’ou mon pourre se servire de bateaux merci d’avence

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