Syn Trac Pack v

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About mod:
The Pack consist of:
- Syn Trac Pre-Production Model: Price 320000 €
- Standard Adapter: Price 18000 €
- Support Adapter: Price 21000 €
- Steering Adapter: Price 14000 €
- Gooseneck Adapter: Price 6000 €
- Multi Weight: Price 1000 €
- Elephant Loader: Price 33000 €
- Fertilizer S: Price 38000 €
- Pneu Tank 2000L Arcade: Price 9500 €
- Pneu Tank 2000L Pro: Price 9500 €
- Pneu Tank 2000L SL Pro: Price 11000 €

- Power 420 hp
- Configuration: Axle Modul with 3 Point and Trailer Attachements
- Fully Automatic Docking Process
- Fully Automatic Coupling of one or more Additional Driven Axle
- Fully Automatic Coupling of an Additional Engine (summation of PTO Power)
- Increased Safety through Optimal visibility Conditions
- Low Centre of Gravity due to the Special Engine Transmission Arrangement
- Hydropneumatic Chassis with Independent Suspension
- Speed Options 60 or 80 km/h
- Steering Options: Front Wheel, All Wheel and Crab Steering
- Comfort Cabin with Different Seat Variants
- FS optimized visualization Platform

* PC/Mac: Syn Trac Hotfix
* Fix a major bug when using the Syn Trac without Ifkos John Deere Pack in the mods folder


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