Tardis Teleport v 1.0

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About mod:

With Tardis You can teleport Yourself or Your vehicles to any location on the Map. Besides that it has a couple of additional functionalities.


  • Teleport Yourself (the Player) to any location on the Map
  • Enter a Vehicle to teleport Yourself and the Vehicle (incl. Implements, Trailers) to any Location on the Map
  • Reset a crashed/turned over Vehicle. Reset in this case means to turn it over again
  • Set up to 5 Map Hotspots to easily teleport Yourself and/or Vehicles to one of those Spots. Those Hotspots obviously get saved & restored
  • Integration with Vehicle Explorer

Default Keybinding:

  • Left ALT + T: Activate Tardis
  • Left ALT + Backspace: Reset
  • Left ALT + Left Shift + Keypad 1 – 5: Set or visit the Map Hotspot
  • Left ALT + Left Shift + Backspace: Delete a Map Hotspot in a 25 meters Range
  • Left ALT + Left Shift + R: Camera reset – work around for a Bug with AD
  • Mouse Left: Teleport
TyKonKet, fcelsa

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