Tazewell County Illinois Map v 1.0

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About mod:
This 4X map was built to replicate central Tazewell County as realistically as possible.
Tremont Co-op only accepts corn, soybeans and wheat, as does your home grain bin storage.
Drive safe, the traffic moves fast on these country highways.


2 thoughts on “Tazewell County Illinois Map v 1.0

  • Blackthumb says:
    2017-12-26 at 07:43

    If you use the GPS mod to combine your own fields, don’t bother downloading this map. The field co-ordinates are all over the place, and you end up losing 2-3 plow widths because “You Don’t Own This Field”.

    It’s a case of “excuse me?”, i just bought this and I can’t utilise all of the field because I don’t own all of it, I’m left wondering who does, maybe the government???

    And as you go beyond the Map Boundary, you will find lots of floating objects where it looks like the map maker couldn’t be bothered as it’s outside the boundary. If it is outside, how come I can get there??? Laziness springs to mind and the map wasn’t checked completely, obviously rushed out for Xmas and unsuspecting downloaders. And yes, it makes me unsuspecting, as you’d expect anything ‘hosted’ on Mod Hub is checked 100%, obviously not, or someone had too much Xmas ‘cheer’……

    • Blackthumb says:
      2017-12-26 at 07:45

      TL;DR. Map is ‘borked/broken’ due to field coordinates being incorrectly entered.

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