The Valley the Old Farm Map v

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About mod:
* New shaders version
* All meadow fences are removable
* The problems of buying fields have been corrected (mostly)
* Correction texture
* Displacement from a wall to the pigsty
* Delete colision in the stable
* New texture for grass plane "cow"
* Correction of freezes for cows
* Deleted objects "CalfHut"
* Replacement of several floating trees
* Fixed bumps on the fields
* Replaced bale at farm3
* Adjusted the Traffic
* Added colision in the unloading zone "Raiffeisen"
* Deleted objects element1
* Adjustment of the road in several places
* Adjustment of the land around some houses
* Replaced two gold nuggets
* The shop road is now more accessible
* Deleted the info icon in the sawnhill
* Added an animation of the gate at the farm entrance
* Added an entrance at the second part of the cow park
* The Biogaz ramp is now removable
* Added an additional point of sale (grains)
* Added an additional point of sale (potato & sugarbeet)
* Added a fuel station
* Added several points of light
* Pedestrians' paths have been adjusted in several places
* Correction of the texture in the silo of the farm (grid)
* Added removable barriers to the straw barn
* New col for the farm house
* New col for the cowshed
* New col for the Pigshed
* Farm silo now has 2 000 000 capacity
* Workshops on farms are now free of charge
* Many new decorations on the map
* Some other problems have also been fixed

Blacksheep Modding