Placeable Tomatos and Cucumbers Greenhouses v 1.0

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About mod:
It must be delivered: dung, fertilizer, water.
It produces 500 liters of tomatoes / cucumber per hour and 1000 L / per pallet.
The space at the greenhouses is sufficient for 10 pallets.
Do not discharge this with a UAL charger.
The script will not recognize the empty seats.
The game would have to be restarted in such a case, including the server, so that production begins again.
In comparison to my greenhouses of LS13 / 15 there are no more growth phases, also the production is now running overnight, which is why they have an indoor lighting for good plant growth
The doors open and close and thus the greenhouses are easy to walk on.


One thought on “Placeable Tomatos and Cucumbers Greenhouses v 1.0

  • RWFrazerjr says:
    2018-04-17 at 04:31

    Is this a possibility on console?

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