Trailers in Farming Simulator 19

In this article, you will see most interesting Farming Simulator 19 trailers. This trailer list is not full. All trailers you will find in the game. If you want to improve your game with more trailers than defaults, you can download Farming Simulator 19 mods from this website.

1. Garant Kotte FRC. This trailer is a field container, it can go down and be a static container. This trailer best for manure transporting.

Price in-game: 25,000€

Minimal tractor power: 37 kW / 50 hp

Capacity: 55,000 litres

Improvements: Main color, Wheel setup

Wheel improvements: Standard, Wide Tires


2. Elmer’s Haul Master. This trailer is not a simple trailer, it is an auger wagon (chaser bin). This wagon has a pipe and can load grain to another trailer without any additional tools. Usually, these wagons have a large capacity.

Price in-game: 93,000€

Minimal tractor power: 294 kW / 400 hp

Capacity: 46,000 – 70,000 litres

Improvements: Main color, Capacity


3. Wilson Trailer Pacesetter. American style semi-trailer for a large amount of grain transporting. Can transport most types of bulk goods.

Price in-game: 80,000€

Minimal tractor power: 294 kW / 400 hp

Capacity: 60,000 litres

Improvements: Main color


4. Schuitemaker Rapide 8400W. Large capacity loading wagon for grass. To pull this trailer need a powerful tractor.

Price in-game: 150,000€

Minimal tractor power: 177 kW / 240 hp

Working speed: 20 kph / 12 mph

Capacity: 53,000 – 56,500 litres

Improvements: Capacity, Wheel brand



5. Schuitemaker Rapide 580V. Another loading wagon which can collect and transport grass. This trailer is Rapide 8400W brother.

Price in-game: 100,000€

Working speed: 20 kph / 12 mph

Capacity: 35,000 litres

Improvements: Wheel brand


6. Böckmann Big Master Western WCF. This small trailer can carry animals, for example, horses. To pull this trailer no needed a tractor.

Price in-game: 16,000 €

Capacity: 2 horses

Improvements: Main color


7. Fortschritt HW 80. An old style farming trailer, which also was included in Farming Simulator 17. A nice feature of these trailers, that you can attach a few trailers together. Cheapest trailer in FS19. You will find a lot of FS19 mods with this trailer.

Price in-game: 8,500€

Capacity: 8,000 litres

Improvements: Main color, Design color, Rim color, Wheel brand, Wheel setup

Wheel improvements: Standard, Wide tires


8. Strautmann SEK 802. Small farming trailer with one axle. Can be used like tipper or like platform trailer. With platform best to transport pallets, bales or small tools.

Price in-game: 8,000€

Capacity: 4,000 – 12,000 litres

Improvements: Capacity, Cover, Wheel brand, Bale loading wagon configuration



9. Annaburger FieldLiner HTS 31.06. Exclusive tipper for large farms. This trailer can lift back and unload grain in another trailer.

Price in-game: 69,000€

Capacity: 55,000 litres

Improvements: Cover, Wheel brand, Wheel setup


10. Krampe SB II 30/1070. Large European style semi-trailer. It can carry a lot of bulk goods.

Price in-game: 78,000€

Capacity: 59,000 litres

Improvements: Wheel brand, Wheel setup

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