Unimog U1200/U1600/U2100 v 3.0 Multicolor

FS17 mods

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About mod:
- Engine Setup: 120 hp, 160 hp, 210 hp
- Selectable Attachers
- Selectable Wheels
- Selectable Design
- IC Control
- Choice of Color
- Washable

Design changes:
- Select all available colors (Multicolor option)
- Initial color marked orange, communal
- Choose from 2 versions of streaks: dark and light
- The rims are black, but as additional configurations, there are options with silver rims (SR in configurations)

Front hydraulic changes:
- Change the rotation, lift the device higher
- Possibility to distribute front hydraulics with IC buttons
- Changes of the texture of front hydraulics, shine and dirt

Wheels changes:
- New tire configurations: Nokian
- New tire configurations: Michelin
- Improved suspension and wheel position. They are not so visible in the cabin.

Other changes:
- New engine variant with more power: U2100
- Now the worker is switched to H
- Improvement of front lighting
- Change position of the camera
- Improved IC animation
- Reduced file size of more than 25 MB. in the game Unimog is better optimized

Other functions:
- Animated parts
- Work lights and cab lights
- Door opener
- Indoor Huds Animation
- Texture changes
- Dynamic exhaust gas
- Passenger option
- Dynamic hose
- New wheels, rims, tires
- Other vehicle physics, max. 80 km / h
- Added the lower hook for machines
- Engine versions, Additional details for the engine model!
- No log errors

T0bi69, Gallinger, CEAModding, RaV-Technik

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