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About mod:
Universal Passenger is a unique passenger mod that allows you to travel next to your AI workers at all times or with your friends in a multiplayer game.

- All base game vehicles that include one or more passenger seats can be entered (Important: Some vehicles are to small and these are excluded)
- Ability to travel as a passenger with trains loaded from base game if included in map
- Ability to move between available passenger seats and an empty driver seat (Important: Driver seat option for farm owned vehicles only)
- Quick TAB to available passenger vehicles and trains (Important: Vehicle must be part of your farm to use this feature)
- Inside and Outside camera views and sounds
- Live PDA and Map position data for all passengers
- Shop option for each vehicle to restrict passenger seat use to [All Users], [Farm Only] or [Disabled]

Modding Features / Support:
- Support to add passenger seat positions directly in mod vehicles
- Character loaded by 'Universal Passenger' so no extra poly for static models
- Built in creator mode to help position vehicle character and export XML information
- Support for 'Pasenger Addon Mods' to include an extra global vehicles XML so no vehicle xml editing is required
- Support for enter animations and object changes

Standard Input Keys:
- Enter / Exit = [Left Shift] + [Z]
- Next Vehicle = [Left CTRL] + [Tab]
- Next Seat (When available.) = [N]

Version 1.1:
* Vehicles selected in the 'Map Overview Screen' can now be entered as a passenger
* Passenger name are now correctly displayed on 'Map Overview Screen' below the vehicle operators name
* All passengers can now see other passenger names above their heads
* Fixed bug where driver would not always be displayed to passenger
* Fixed bug not allowing a passenger to visit a tagged location or when using the 'Dynamic Waypoint' mod
* Fixed base game bug where 'Enter Animations (steering wheels etc)' return to start when an AI is operating
* All passengers will now be ejected from the Alpine DLC train when it leaves the map
* Tabbing to the Alpine DLC train is no longer possible when it is off the map
* Adjustments to creator mode for mod makers

Added support to the following base game vehicles, Giants mods and DLC's:
* Alpine Farming Pack DLC (6 Vehicles)
* Bourgault Pack DLC (John Deere Series 9 RX)
* Precision Farming DLC (John Deere XUV865M)
* Kemper Pack (John Deere Series 9000)
* John Deere Series 6M
* Claas Axion 960TT
* Valtra G Series
* Liebherr L538
* Holmer Terra Dos 4
* Strautmann VertiMix 1702
* Ropa Terra Felis 3
* Ropa NawaRo Maus
* Ropa Maus 5

Updates and fixes for following Vehicle:
* Krone BigX 1180 passenger now moves with cab when raised / lowered
* Big M 450 exit position for passenger 2 corrected
* Tatra Phoenix exit position corrected
* Outside passenger added to Massey Ferguson 7347
* Outside passenger added to Ropa Panther 2
* Outside passenger added to Ropa Tiger 6
* Outside passenger added to Rostselmash 161
* Outside passenger added to New Holland FR780
* Two outside passengers added to Rostselmash Nova 330
* Two outside passengers added to Rostselmash F2650


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