Vaderstad Pack v 2.0

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About mod:
Version 2.0:
* Bug Rollers Carrier 1120 fixed
* Bug rolls Rollex 1320 fixed
* TopDown 500 - Attachment frame for sowing machine added
* Added BioSpray's working cameras with dedicated HUD (rafftnix GUI)
* Various improvements to BioSpray's
* BioSpray's fertilizer will subgrade now, if attached device is dug, will continue when device is lowered again
* BioSpray's can now be used as an additional fertilizer tank (Attached device is filled when the level of the attached device falls below 6%, then is replenished up to 16% when the biospray level is over 5%)
* BioSpray is switched on, fertilizes it and refills the attached device, if it is switched off, it only serves as an additional fertilizer tank
* A seed drill with fertilizer function is attached to the BioSpray, and the BioSpray is switched on, fertilizes the BioSpray in front of the drill, and the drill fertilizes again, so two Dehydration steps in one operation, while the seed drill is also filled (see above)
* BioSpray4500 will now be completely empty
* Working width adjusts to each attached implement properly
* Height and inclination of the BioSpray's adjustable via MouseControl


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