Vehicle Sleeper Cab v 1.0

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About mod:
With this global script it is now possible to use prepared vehicles to rest for the night.
All players will use a vehicles bed camera if close by or the nearest Farmhouse when available.

Base game support:
- Lizard Roadrunner
- MAN TGX 26.640

Giants modHub support:
- AGM P310 And Bodywork [v1.0.0.0]
- Fiat 180 Brazil [v1.0.0.0]
- Fiat 682 N4 [v1.0.0.1]
- Fiat 682 T2 [v1.0.0.0]
- Iveco 190-38 [v1.0.0.0]
- Kamaz 65116 [v1.0.1.0]
- Kamaz 65117 [v1.1.0.0]
- Lizard LK Series Brazil [v1.0.0.0]
- Lizard NL Series [v1.1.0.0]
- MAN TGX 26.460 6x2-4 HKL [v1.0.0.0]
- MAN TGX 26.640 Koffer [v1.0.0.0]
- MAN TGX ATF PACK [v1.0.0.0]
- MAN TGX Crane HKL [v1.0.0.0]
- MAN TGX Crane TCM [v1.0.5.0]
- MAN TGX Crusher Pack [v1.0.0.1]
- MAN TGX Forest Semitrailer Pack [v1.1.0.1]
- MAN TGX Forest Special [v1.0.0.1]
- MAN TGX Semi-Truck Pack [v1.0.0.1]
- MAN Transport Pack [v1.1.0.0]
- NMC Griffin [v1.1.0.1]
- NMC Griffin Semi [v1.0.0.0]
- NMC Griffin Thunderbuild [v1.0.0.0]
- Roadrunner+ [v1.1.1.0]
- Scania T Serie 2 Brazil [v1.0.0.0]
- SX Heavy Pack [v1.0.4.0]
- TLX 9000 Rigid Series [v1.2.0.0]
- TLX 9000 Semi [v1.1.1.0]
- TLX Camp-IT Pack [v1.0.0.0]
- VStRuk HY-400 [v1.0.1.0]
- VStRuk PT 600 [v1.1.1.0]

Vehicle modders:
- Support can be added directly to your mods XML, please see 'sdk/modVehicleExample.xml' within this mod.

Base game bug fix:
- In multiplayer mode, a player's camera will no longer get stuck under the map while in a vehicle when accepting a sleep request.


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