Volvo 670 Coors Light Combo Pack v 1.0

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About mod:
Coors Light Edition Volvo 670 Truck and Trailer.

The Truck Cab has plenty of lights and you will never be alone when driving it as there is a passenger sitting right next to you. The cab is also wrapped in authentic Coors livery. The trailer has opening doors, deploy-able vehicle ramps, and a locking script to keep all your cargo securely in place. The Trailer also gives you manual control over the stands so remember to lift them after you hook up your cab. Another nice feature is the airlines and hydraulic lines all hook up when you attach the cab to the trailer for another touch of realism.

- Engine Setup: 200 hp, 285 hp, 390 hp
- Cab Light
- Fog Light

winston9587, carolinaboy

6 thoughts on “Volvo 670 Coors Light Combo Pack v 1.0

  • Longhaul444 says:
    2017-12-08 at 13:45

    Nice theft of my Coors Light trailer skin from ATS

  • Killjoy says:
    2017-12-08 at 16:22


  • Longhaul444 says:
    2017-12-09 at 03:21

    laugh all you want, theft is theft. And it’s called being respectful and asking to use it. Obviously something you know nothing about.

  • Killjoy says:
    2017-12-09 at 16:31

    Yes theft is theft but you obviously made it after the real logo… Did you ask to use that?

  • Longhaul444 says:
    2017-12-10 at 23:36

    Yes I did. I have written permission to use the Coors images from Molson, who is the parent company of Coors. As long as I make no profit off of their name, images, and logo’s. So my ass is covered.

  • Jedi Warrior says:
    2017-12-15 at 13:35


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