Volvo BM 810

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About mod:
- Power 280 hp
- Wheels Setup: Standard Wheels, Wide Tires
- Speed 53 km/h
- Lighting
- Dust from the Wheels
- Traces of Wheels

Price: 97.000 €


4 thoughts on “Volvo BM 810

  • bert says:
    2016-11-08 at 16:52

    i think the power is a bit excessive as the biggest engine for any standard volvo tractor was 155 hp so as this is actually a volvo bm t810 the engine size should be 133 hp

    • john says:
      2016-11-09 at 08:22

      its a nice model but its like driving something from GTA! Or a go cart.

  • Izak55 says:
    2016-12-02 at 14:21

    To much Horsepower (Not realistic) and to low price!

  • Niklas. Nordh says:
    2019-03-01 at 09:27


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