Volvo FH16 750 AR/Frame Pack v 1.2

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About mod:
Standard features and options on both trucks include.
• One engine choice 750 HP but with the option to be euro legal @ 80km/h or remove the speed limiter and try and crack the 128km/h top speed.
• Choice of three attacher configurations. Note: if the Semi-Trailer hitch is optioned it will move to the centre of the truck bed when any AR/Frame is connected and move back on disconnect.
• Full Hud animations when started and true reading of Break Air psi, speed, fuel, rpm, gear selection, cruise active light, cruise set speed, boost pressure and a fake Temp mover that will warm up and cool down over time.
• Two Rim Choices Standard or Chrome.
• Passenger Script for MP
• Options to fit: 1) A roof mounted spot bar. 2) A roof mounted Beacon Bar. 3) A roof mounted Beacon Bar and front grill Strobe Lights. 4) All the Above.
• Volvo Blue is the default colour choice to set off this Euro Classic.
• Animated movable Wing Mirrors.

The pack also includes a AR/Frame Trailer that is designed to be the perfect match for your brand new FH16 750 Truck. Options are simple with the choice of wheels to suit your truck and the option to fit a low attacher at the rear if you wanted to pull more than one trailer - Available in Misc section of store.

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One thought on “Volvo FH16 750 AR/Frame Pack v 1.2

  • ncraiders says:
    2017-05-20 at 03:02

    To those that look at downloading this mod. this mod was altered by someone other than GTX Mods and was released by someone parading as GTX mods. Do not download PLZ.

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